You're going to love listening to your station

Revolution 93.5

Miami's number one dance music station is feeling pumped about it's new jingles. Listen to the demo.

Delta FM

France's Northern radio station Delta FM is now playing it's new collection of custom made jingles.


The iconic St Maarten's dance music station is about to relaunch it's program with a series of brand new jingles.

Exclusive jingles created from scratch

Your radio station is unique. Your jingles should be unique too.

We are proud to guarantee original, custom made and exclusive jingles for your radio. No re-sing ever !

Biweekly updates

We keep your radio updated and your crew happy with new custom made imaging elements delivered twice a week. You order, we create, you play. Every month, we will update up to 30 jingles, liners, branded intros, medleys, promos, hooks, and more…

It's on the radio

Our station needed exclusive and unique jingles. People listen to our radio not only in our area through our live broadcast, but also on the web and I didn't want my jingles to sound like any other station.

Frederic Fernandez - MTI

I get a bunch of new radio imaging elements every month. Every single creation is custom made and perfectly fits our playlist and format.

Gilles Senicourt - DELTA FM

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